Divorce/Family Mediation


Mountain Mediation Center provides a neutral third party who has been trained to assist divorcing and separating parties in reaching an acceptable resolution to their conflict.  The mediator does not impose a decision on the parties, but affords the parties an opportunity to craft their own settlement by taking control over decisions made during the mediation.  Participants are provided a forum to discuss issues together in an environment of safety and facilitates forward-thinking discussion.  Research indicates that participants in mediation are more likely to follow through on agreements since they have actively participated in creating the agreement. Mediation is both voluntary and confidential.  While a mediator cannot provide legal advice to a mediation participant, you may bring your lawyer to mediation with you. Our mediators have met all training and continuing educational requirements to be court-qualified and appear on the Utah State Court Roster of Mediators.

Family Mediation:

Many family discussions can be fraught, and patterns of communication may make reaching agreements challenging.  With a mediator present to assist in sorting out the details that need to be addressed, issues can be more readily discussed.  Topics can cover custody modifications, reaching co-parenting agreements, navigating parent-teen relationships, and elder issues.

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Valeria Jimenez – Case Manager & Outreach Coordinator

Valeria is the Outreach & Program Coordinator for Mountain Mediation Center, administering the landlord-tenant eviction diversion program in partnership with local organizations to help prevent and resolve landlord-tenant disputes. She specializes in public outreach, collaborating with agencies and community partners, and connecting communities to resources.

During her time at the Utah State Courts, she managed statewide community outreach initiatives, education of court programs to the public, and was chosen as a recipient of the Excellence in Advancing Justice award. Beyond her professional capacity, Valeria volunteers with We Rise First-Generation Scholars, a program of the Wasatch Education Foundation. Valeria is passionate about bringing young Latino leaders together and building community in the professional, academic, and civic space. She has plans to continue her education by earning a J.D. in the near future.

Kris Campbell – Program Director

Kris is the Program Director for Mountain Mediation Center, overseeing MMC’s programs, fundraiser, and rapidly expanding training program, and coordinating our dedicated volunteers. He is passionate about bringing people together to work through conflicts productively. Kris began his work with MMC as a volunteer in 2020, facilitating Community Conversations and leading training sessions to build understanding, connection, and community along the Wasatch Back. In 2023, Kris served as MMC’s Board Chair. 

When he’s not at work, Kris often spends time with his kids, serving the community through Rotary, Braver Angels, and the Park City LGBTQ+ Taskforce, or exploring area trails.

Gretchen Lee – Executive Director

Gretchen is an attorney and a court-qualified mediator with the Utah Courts. She has an extensive government relations background- having worked as an attorney for the Utah State Legislature as well as the private and nonprofit sectors drafting resolutions, initiatives and other policy documents. Gretchen serves on the Board of Trustees for the Utah Council of Conflict Resolution and is a member of the Restorative Justice Collaborative of Utah. She graduated from Colgate University and Emory School of Law.