Principles and Values


 The foundation of RJ is built on a set of core beliefs, beginning with the idea that everyone has value and brings unique contributions to their community. Restorative processes provide space for personal growth, transformation, and healing. RJ acknowledges the interconnectedness of all beings and views relationships as central to building and maintaining community. RJ asserts a collective responsibility for ensuring the well-being of a community and engages community members in collaborative problem-solving. When conflict or harm occurs, a restorative approach focuses on meeting the needs of the person(s) harmed, repairing relationships, and restoring balance in the community. Rather than casting out a community member who caused harm, restorative processes provide an opportunity for them to call upon their attributes to help repair the harm and reintegrate into the community.

The underlying values of RJ help to promote a sense of belonging, allowing RJ to complement efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion/belonging. MMC’s team of RJ volunteers continually seeks to become more knowledgeable of and sensitive to issues or DEI/B. We also engage in ongoing education to enhance our skills in trauma-informed practices. 

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