MMC recognizes that implementing a Restorative Justice approach in schools requires commitment. Studies indicate that a school or district-wide approach to implementation is more sustainable and that successful implementation takes several years. 

MMC’s approach to working with schools is to establish an ongoing relationship with school leaders at all levels. While we can provide one-time presentations to introduce your school to Restorative Justice concepts, our aim is to work with you in a collaborative partnership. MMC will assist you in developing, honing, and refining your skills as you begin a long-term commitment to shifting institutional culture.

Before embarking on a training initiative MMC will meet with you to discuss your goals. Together, we will develop a plan to assist you. Training may include:

  • RJ Basics: A restorative approach for schools
  • A First Step: using restorative questions to address unwanted behavior or wrongdoing
  • Community-building Circles to build understanding and empathy
  • System-wide implementation to improve school climate
  • Addressing truancy
  • Detention/suspension: a restorative approach to keeping kids in school
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