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About Community Compact 

Mountain Mediation Center has worked with the Restorative Justice Collaborative of Utah (link) and other allied organizations to assist policy makers in their efforts to define Restorative Justice. A group of organizations came together to draft and endorse a Community Compact to clarify what Restorative Justice is and its potential applications in criminal justice, education, and community settings. The Community Compact provides an overview of Restorative Justice as well as a list of resources for further exploration into the topic. The Compact has been an important tool in educating people about Restorative Justice.

Community Compact on the Use of Restorative Justice for the Safety and Empowerment of Utah Youth


Signed by the following organizations as of July 2019:

Voices for Utah Children

Journey of Hope

The Utah Education Association

Ogden Branch NAACP

Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys

Mountain Mediation Center

Restorative Justice Collaborative of Utah

Disability Law Center

YWCA of Utah

ACLU of Utah

Racially Just Utah

We support and affirm the definition of Restorative Justice in education as presented in House Resolution 1 (HR001), sponsored by Utah Representative Sandra Hollins, during the 2018 Utah Legislative Session. The language used here borrows from the work of Rep. Hollins and the Utah Restorative Justice Collaborative toward creating that legislation.

We support and partner with the Restorative Justice Collaborative of Utah, which we recommend as a local resource for community members, academics, parents, policymakers, educators, and all others who work with and care about youth.

We support and partner with the Utah State Board of Education as it works to bring training and technical support in restorative practices to our schools. While our language and approaches may differ at the margins, we share a core understanding of the importance and power of Restorative Justice.

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