Effective communication, trusting relationships and teamwork are at the heart of productivity and satisfaction for organizations of all kinds. MMC offers presentations, training, and ongoing mentoring and support for:

  • Schools
  • Clubs and other organizations
  • Board and staff of nonprofits
  • Neighborhood groups and Homeowner Associations (HOAs)
  • Local government entities
  • Businesses

MMC’s training programs are designed to be hands-on learning experiences.  All workshop offerings include individualized mentoring and necessary follow-up support for the implementation of new skills and processes. MMC training can help your organization or business:

  • Develop new/deeper relationships among co-workers, board members
  • Build a stronger sense of “community” or belonging
  • Improve one-on-one communication and communication systems
  • Enhance organizational transparency and collaborative decision-making
  • More successfully prevent and resolve conflicts

Most of MMC’s training opportunities for schools and organizations/businesses are rooted in Restorative Justice principles and practices. We also provide training in effective communication skills and strategies such as:

  • Affective listening
  • Reflecting and reframing
  • Identifying underlying interests to prevent/resolve conflict

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