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When Can Mediation Be Useful for Landlords and Tenants?

Throughout Covid, MMC has been working with landlords and tenants to help residents remain in their housing. Much of this work is conducted “upstream”- prior to a conflict occurring- outreach and education.  In 2021 in response to frequent questions on the same issues, we created a series of 10 short videos which we are now working with landlords to post (QR Codes)  in public places throughout our larger apartment complexes.  Click here

MMC Informational Videos

Additional Resources

Rental Assistance and Other Covid-19 Related Assistance ~ Click Here

2021 Renter Toolkit ~ Click Here
Published by the Utah Housing Coalition, this is a useful resource for both landlords and tenants. It provides information on how to be a successful tenant, as well as an explanation of renters’ rights under the law.

People’s Legal Aid (eviction legal services) ~ Click Here

Utah Housing Coalition ~ Click Here

Utah Courts Self-Help Center / 888.686.0009 ~ Click Here

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