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Landlord/Tenant Services

MMC has created a comprehensive eviction diversion program that seeks to reduce the number of landlord/tenant disputes that result in the eviction of a tenant. A large focus of this programming is community-wide education aimed to stabilize housing and prevent eviction filings. We also provide mediation services to help resolve disputes, of all kinds, between landlords and tenants. These services are provided at no charge thanks to generous support from public and private grants and donations.


At Mountain Mediation Center, we believe that before scheduling a mediation, it is often helpful to meet with tenants to ensure they have a basic understanding of their lease and have established communication with their landlord. If the landlord is the one reaching out to us, we will meet with them to provide resource materials and answer questions.

Services include:

        • Educational workshops 
        • One on one conversation with tenant/landlord in person or via Zoom (English and Spanish)
        • MMC informational videos on specific areas of housing law.
        • Tenant tool kit distribution, download here in English or Spanish.
          *If you need a physical copy you can visit our office!


We always encourage tenants and landlords to have a conversation directly with one another before we become involved. If the issue is not resolved, then we will step in. Those involved in the dispute (conflict, misunderstanding) will meet with a neutral third party- the mediator- who will help facilitate a conversation in an attempt to resolve the dispute. 

  • Once you fill out our Intake form, we will follow up  with a phone call to see if we can help you. 
  • Scheduling may take up to three weeks. However, 3 Day Pay or Vacate notices take highest priority.
  • Mediation services can be provided in person or virtually via Zoom.
  • We require all parties to save up to three hours of their time to ensure a focused and productive conversation.

Common issues 
The specific issues vary from mediation to mediation will be identified prior to the commencement of the mediation. Issues may include: 

  • Repairs, inspections, and security deposit 
  • Payment plans (including Satisfaction of Judgements)
  • Move out plans
  • Improvement of communication between landlord and tenant 

Are you the Tenant/Landlord?

If you are the tenant, after you fill out our Intake form and have the first conversation with us, we will contact the landlord.

If you are the landlord, after you fill out our Intake form and have the first conversation with us, we will contact the tenant.

  Things to know about our mediation services:

    • Mediation is voluntary
    • Mediation is confidential
    • Mediator/Intake Coordinator do not provide legal advice to any party
    • Mediator/Intake Coordinator do not side with any party



We participate in community events. If you would like to invite us to your event, please contact

MMC Informational Videos

In 2021 in response to frequent questions on the same issues, we created a series of 9 short videos which we are now working with landlords to post (QR Codes)  in public places throughout our larger apartment complexes.


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