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• Utah Exchange Visitor/J-1 Basic Information

• Security Deposits

• Before Entering Into a Lease

• Term Leases and Month to Month

• How to Be a Good Tenant

• Tenants Rights to Fair Housing

• Repairs & Maintenance

• Inspections

• Other Fees or Charges

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Utah Exchange Visitor/J-1 Basic Information

The purpose of this video is to provide some basic information for exchange visitors (J-1 visa) about renting in Utah and where exchange visitors can find support if they run into housing issues.

Utah Información Básica Visitantes de Intercambio/J-1 Visa

El propósito de este video es brindar información básica para los visitantes de intercambio (J-1 visa) sobre el alquiler en Utah y dónde los visitantes de intercambio pueden encontrar apoyo si tienen problemas de vivienda.

Security Deposits

This video answers the following questions:
– How do I receive the security deposit back?
– What is a Tenant’s Notice to Provide Deposit Disposition?
– Who is responsible for returning the security deposit?

Depositos de Seguridad

Este vídeo responde a las siguientes preguntas:
– ¿Cómo recibo el depósito de seguridad?
– ¿Qué es un aviso del inquilino para proporcionar disposición de depósito?
– ¿Quién es responsable de devolver el depósito de seguridad?

Before Entering Into a Lease

The following video is the first of our new MMC Podcast series! Every podcast will be available in both English and Spanish. This first episode will focus on 5 tips before entering into a lease. MMC does not provide legal advice, this is a tool for the community to help prevent conflicts.

Antes de entrar en un contrato de arrendamiento

¡El siguiente video es el primero de nuestra nueva serie de podcasts de MMC! Cada podcast estará disponible tanto en inglés como en español. Este primer episodio se centrará en 5 consejos antes de firmar un contrato de arrendamiento. MMC no brinda asesoramiento legal, esta es una herramienta para ayudar a la comunidad a prevenir conflictos.

Term Leases and Month to Month

The following video is the second of our MMC Podcast series! This episode will focus on the difference between term leases and month-to-month.

Contrato a largo plazo y mes a mes

¡El siguiente video es el segundo de nuestra nueva serie de podcasts MMC! Este primer episodio se centrará en la diferencia entre un contrato de arrendamiento a plazo y un mes a otro.

How to Be a Good Tenant

The following video is the third episode of our MMC Podcast series! This episode has some tips on “How to be a good tenant”.

Como ser un buen inquilino

Este episodio tiene algunos consejos sobre “Cómo ser un buen inquilino.”

Tenants Rights to Fair Housing

The following video is the fourth episode of our MMC Podcast series! This episode has some information on everyone’s rights to fair housing.

Derechos a una vivienda justa

Este episodio contiene información sobre sus derechos a una vivienda justa.

Repairs & Maintenance

This episode has some information on how to notify management of maintenance & repair requests and the Utah Fit Premises Act.

Reparaciones y mantenimiento

Este episodio contiene información sobre cómo notificar a la gerencia sobre las solicitudes de mantenimiento y reparación y la Ley de instalaciones adecuadas de Utah.


This episode has some information on what inspection are, how you are notified and some general guidelines.


Este episodio tiene información sobre qué son las inspecciones, cómo se le notifica y algunas pautas generales.

Other Fees or Charges

This episode has some information on what types of fees you should expect for your rental unit.

Otras Tarifas o Cargos

Este episodio tiene información sobre los tipos de tarifas que debe esperar por su unidad de alquiler.

How many people can live in my apartment? What is subleasing?

This episode will answer all the following questions: how many people can live in my apartment, can I have guests, what if I need to change the number of people in my apartment, and what is subleasing?

Cuantas personas pueden vivir en mi apartamento? Que es el subarriendo?

Este episodio responderá a todas las siguientes preguntas: cuántas personas pueden vivir en mi apartamento, ¿puedo tener invitados, qué sucede si necesito cambiar el número de personas en mi apartamento y qué es el subarrendamiento?

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Sam Mekrut

Ms. Mekrut currently works full-time as a Child Welfare Mediator for the State of Utah. She is qualified to conduct all types of mediation, including Utah court-ordered divorce mediation; she is also a court-qualified mediator with the Utah Courts. Ms. Mekrut has conducted hundreds of mediations involving families in which children have been neglected or abused. These complex cases, involving numerous parties and often highly sensitive issues, require the utmost in confidentiality and compassion.

Prior to becoming a mediator, Ms. Mekrut worked for many years in nonprofits fighting for social justice. She feels passionate about equity in the justice system and has a strong interest in restorative justice. Ms. Mekrut began her work with Mountain Mediation Center as a volunteer mediator in Small Claims Court and has served on MMC’s Board since 2015.

Deborah McGraw

Deborah is a court-qualified rostered mediator with the Utah Courts. She is currently an Advisor to the Board for Mountain Mediation Center. Her mediation experience includes private and group mediation, divorce and domestic mediation, and facilitated conversations and conferencing. She is a Master Facilitator and an adjunct professor at Utah Valley University, Center for Professional and Continuing Education. She has an extensive restorative background, which also includes work and practice in Circles, meditation and self-empowerment techniques for the past 30 years. She graduated from University of Denver.

Miriam Nieto

Miriam is the Director of Education with Holy Cross Ministries. She started working for Holy Cross Ministries in 2007 as part of the After School Program team and has a passion for working in early childhood education. She was instrumental in developing the preschool project now known as the School Readiness Program and the Parents as Teachers Program. 

She was born and raised in Mexico City and graduated in 2005 with a degree in Early Childhood Education from the National University of Mexico.

Evie Brinkerhoff

Evie Brinkerhoff is a trained attorney and mediator. She currently works for the Utah Courts as a child welfare mediator. She previously worked at Utah Dispute Resolution as a mediator and office director for northern Utah. She has worked extensively in schools, developing and implementing restorative justice and mediation programs for schools. She has also conducted numerous high conflict divorce cases and has worked extensively with the immigrant and refugee population of Utah.

Jill Sheinberg

Jill is an attorney, mediator and lifelong advocate of equality, peace and justice. She is a founding member of the Park City Women’s Giving Fund and the Utah Women’s Giving Circle and a member, of the Utah Women’s Forum. A native New Yorker, Jill graduated from the University of Michigan (BA) and the New School for Social Research (MA in Sociology). After receiving her law degree, she worked in the fields of employment law and not-for-profit representation. She also facilitated community mediations for several years in Brooklyn before moving to Park City in 1995.

In Utah, Jill has worked at KUED television station and various film companies as a community connections organizer, taught at Westminster College (Masters Leadership program) and is currently a Master Mediator on the state court roster, specializing in family and employment issues.

Jill is currently a board member of the Haitian Orchestra Institute and Park City Film. She has previously served on the boards of Adopt-a-Native-Elder, Planned Parenthood of Utah, ACLU of Utah, National ACLU, Salt Lake Acting Company, and is a founding member of HEAL Utah.

Maddy Shear

Maddy retired in 2023 after 15 years of doing work she was passionate about. Maddy was a nonprofit consultant, facilitating strategic planning, board/staff retreats, and acting as a strategic thinking partner for many nonprofit organizations in our community. 

Earlier in her career, Maddy worked for twelve years for Hasbro Inc., the largest toy company in the world. Retiring as Vice President of Marketing for the Parker Brothers Board Games division, she had fun times with new games and classics Monopoly, Clue, Sorry and Boggle!

More recently, Maddy has enjoyed serving as board chair for two local organizations, including the Summit County Library. She is an avid reader and library lover. With Maddy and Jon’s 2023 double retirement, they are enjoying road-tripping and hiking all over the country and spending time with family. Maddy and Jon have two adult daughters, one living in SLC the other in Tucson.

Moe Hickey - Treasurer

Moe Hickey is the Executive Director of Voices for Utah Children. Prior to his appointment, he served as the Managing Director of the Park City Institute. From 2008-2015 he served as the president of the Park City Board of Education, as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the Park City Education Foundation.

A native New Yorker, he began his professional life in the global financial markets. He worked both domestically and internationally for twenty years. He completed his career as a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he was the Managing Director of Global Emerging Markets. 

He is a graduate of Wagner College, where he received a BS in Economics. He currently resides in Park City, Utah with his wife and two children. He enjoys outdoor activities, cooking and travelling.

Joana Acevedo - Secretary

Joana graduated from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah in 2020 with a degree in marketing. After graduating, she worked as a college access advisor for the Utah College Advising Corps, helping first generation college students at Granger High School navigate the college admission and financial aid process. In 2021, she became the Outreach/Program Coordinator for Mountain Mediation Center. Joana is currently employed by the Park City School District as the College Program Manager for the Bright Futures Program.

Dr. Claustina Reynolds - Board Co-Chair

Claustina Reynolds serves as Principal in the Murray School District. Claustina came from the Salt Lake City School District, where she served as Educational Equity Supervisor. Reynolds also has experience as a teacher, coach, middle school administrator, higher education instructor, and staff developer. She has completed a doctorate degree from the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Utah.

Beth Holzman - Board Co-Chair

Beth is a consultant to corporations, nonprofits, and governments on the topics of corporate responsibility, human rights & supply chain management, and social impact. Over the last 20 years, Beth has worked with over 50 organizations creating strategic plans; devising data-driven analysis for sustainability initiatives; and facilitating multi-stakeholder engagements to create improved transparency, trust and communication.

In Park City, Beth has served on the Advisory Committee of the first Mountain Towns 2030 Summit, supported grantees of the Park City Community Foundation during COVID-19, volunteered with Voterise and the League of Women Voters, and is a ski instructor for the Local Women’s Program at PCMR/ Canyons. She holds degrees in Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies from Tufts University.

Nicole Wozniak – Communications Coordinator

Nicole is a graduate of the University of Michigan. She has both worked for and volunteered with a multitude of nonprofits in Park City including KPCW, the Christian Center, and now Mountain Mediation Center.

Nicole coordinates MMC’s Community Conversations series – organizing volunteers, sourcing local partners & venues, and creating/implementing the marketing for the events. She also designs MMC’s marketing and outreach materials.

Valeria Jimenez – Case Manager & Outreach Coordinator

Valeria is the Outreach & Program Coordinator for Mountain Mediation Center, administering the landlord-tenant eviction diversion program in partnership with local organizations to help prevent and resolve landlord-tenant disputes. She specializes in public outreach, collaborating with agencies and community partners, and connecting communities to resources.

During her time at the Utah State Courts, she managed statewide community outreach initiatives, education of court programs to the public, and was chosen as a recipient of the Excellence in Advancing Justice award. Beyond her professional capacity, Valeria volunteers with We Rise First-Generation Scholars, a program of the Wasatch Education Foundation. Valeria is passionate about bringing young Latino leaders together and building community in the professional, academic, and civic space. She has plans to continue her education by earning a J.D. in the near future.

Kris Campbell – Program Director

Kris is the Program Director for Mountain Mediation Center, overseeing MMC’s programs, fundraiser, and rapidly expanding training program, and coordinating our dedicated volunteers. He is passionate about bringing people together to work through conflicts productively. Kris began his work with MMC as a volunteer in 2020, facilitating Community Conversations and leading training sessions to build understanding, connection, and community along the Wasatch Back. In 2023, Kris served as MMC’s Board Chair. 

When he’s not at work, Kris often spends time with his kids, serving the community through Rotary, Braver Angels, and the Park City LGBTQ+ Taskforce, or exploring area trails.

Gretchen Lee – Executive Director

Gretchen is an attorney and a court-qualified mediator with the Utah Courts. She has an extensive government relations background- having worked as an attorney for the Utah State Legislature as well as the private and nonprofit sectors drafting resolutions, initiatives and other policy documents. Gretchen serves on the Board of Trustees for the Utah Council of Conflict Resolution and is a member of the Restorative Justice Collaborative of Utah. She graduated from Colgate University and Emory School of Law.