Conflict Coaching/Training

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching can help you more successfully navigate your way through conflict. Conflict coaching provides confidential, individualized support for those engaged in a dispute with family members or friends, neighbors, co-workers, or organization/agency/school personnel. The communication skills and conflict management strategies you gain through coaching can enhance your ability to resolve a current dispute and potentially avoid future conflict.     

MMC’s trained, experienced mediators are available to provide conflict coaching to anyone seeking to enhance their competency in dealing with conflict. An MMC conflict resolution professional will meet with you one-on-one in a confidential setting to discuss the specific dispute. They will help you explore different perspectives on the conflict and reflect on its impact on you and your life. The MMC mediator will assist you in developing both broad strategies and concrete next steps for how (or, in some cases, whether) to engage the other party in efforts to resolve the dispute.

Conflict Coaching 

  • can be an effective alternative to assist in dispute resolution when one party is not willing to engage in mediation
  • is not therapy and should not be viewed as an alternative to working through issues with a trained therapist

 is designed to provide support to move you forward through a specific dispute, however, its effects on your ability to address conflict may be much farther-reaching

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