Facilitation Services

MMC offers meeting facilitation services rooted in restorative justice values and principles in keeping with its goals of community-building and preventing conflicts before they arise. Our facilitators are uniquely trained in communication and conflict management. They are adept at dealing with unpredictability and managing challenging conversations.

MMC facilitators specialize in facilitating meetings to foster a greater sense of belonging for group members. We focus not only on achieving meeting outcomes but also on helping people feel that their voices are being truly heard. The result is more creative problem-solving, greater buy-in to group decisions, and stronger group cohesion.

Organizations and businesses typically have staff members and volunteer with experience developing agendas and leading meetings. However, there are times when a skilled, outside facilitator can be the key to more creative results.  A neutral facilitator can:

  • Bring new ideas and perspectives to developing an engaging agenda
  • Enable everyone in the group to fully participate in discussions
  • Free organizational leaders to speak like any other member of the group
  • Create a safe environment in which everyone feels confident their ideas will be valued
  • Help build relationships and strengthen a sense of mutual support and teamwork

An MMC facilitator can help your organization or business with:

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Project planning; brainstorming
  • Team building gatherings
  • Problem-solving meetings
  • General staff meetings
  • Meetings focused on introducing new plans, ideas
  • Conflict resolution
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