Mountain Mediation Center, a nonprofit serving Summit and Wasatch counties, is hosting a community conversation about political engagement.

Article by Andrea Buchanan for KPCW (March 14, 2023)

There are not many topics more divisive than politics. Even a casual weather chat can take a turn if climate change comes up.

Nicole Wozniak is the community conversations coordinator for the Mountain Mediation Center. The organization specializes in conflict resolution with the goal of building more inclusive communities.

Previous topics of community conversation have included housing, gender identity and what it feels like to be a woman these days.

Now Mountain Mediation is tackling political engagement.

Wozniak said she can relate to how tough the topic can be.

“We really wanted to focus on the ‘how do you do it’ as it’s not an instructive seminar,” she said. “We want to hear from the community how they engage, or how they choose not to engage.”

The discussion is open to the public and Wozniak said it will be a safe space to engage in political discussion. The organization uses a restorative justice process where attendees sit in a circle and talk without a formal panel or expert.

“I really do hope that people from the community at all levels of political engagement will feel that they can come to this conversation and talk about how it shows up in their life, whether you’re signing up on a survey that says this is how I, like, this is how I see the future of our community going or whether you’re running for office, like every level of political engagement is welcome at this conversation.”

The event will take place on March 15 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Park City Library community room on the third floor.

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