RJ Services

Mountain Mediation Center offers the following services to families and friends, clubs and social groups, schools, organizations, and businesses in keeping with standard practices and the values and principles of Restorative Justice:

Circle Facilitation – using a Circle process, MMC staff/volunteers trained in restorative practices will facilitate meetings to assist your group in building/strengthening relationships or addressing specific concerns in a safe, collaborative setting

Restorative Conferencing* – when conflict has impacted relationships and/or a specific harm has occurred, MMC staff/volunteers will facilitate a restorative process to allow for accountability, restitution, repair of relationships and a restoration of balance to the community.

*When used in a criminal justice setting, Restorative Conference processes are often referred to as Victim-Offender Conferences (VOC) or Victim Offender Mediation (VOM).

Restorative Justice Training – MMC offers presentations and hands-on workshops and training to schools, organizations and businesses seeking to understand the basics of Restorative Justice. Given the challenges of implementing any new comprehensive approach, MMC training includes ongoing mentoring and support to assist with developing and implementing long-range plans.   

As with all MMC services, we provide Spanish-language interpretation as needed. 

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