Organization and Businesses


Restorative Justice and Business.

Organizations and businesses are increasingly focused on providing safe, welcoming workplace environments for their employees and volunteers. Particularly as many of us move back into the workplace after COVID, our organizations may need to focus even more on building relationships and providing spaces in which everyone feels heard. 

MMC can provide training and support to help you implement new strategies for collaborative problem-solving and a more comprehensive approach to creating a sense of belonging.

“Shape-Shifting” your Organization/Business 

This training supports organizations in moving from a hierarchical (triangle) model of leadership to a more collaborative (circle) model of participation and decision-making. Presentations, workshops, and ongoing mentoring will enable you to incorporate principles and practices of Restorative Justice into your work, including:

  • Community-building Circle facilitation
  • Problem-solving Circle skills
  • Restorative Conferencing to address the harm caused by conflict
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